About Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Imagine your life as a jigsaw. Do you have all the pieces? Do they fit perfectly? If so, you don’t need life coaching.

If, however, you sometimes feel there’s a bit missing or you can’t quite keep to the goals you set yourself then Life Coaching may be helpful to you.

Together with your Life Coach you begin to explore what it is that is stopping you from getting on with a particular task, be it at home or at work. Or, you may have a difficult decision to make and you keep putting it off. Understanding and recognizing why you do that can often lead to finally making a decision.

Your life is a whole jigsaw combining your personal circumstances, your health, your role in society,

your relationships, your leisure time, your family life and your financial position. All these pieces together make up your whole jigsaw, which is YOU.

Along with your Life Coach you will uncover the missing parts and work to get the results you need to align them.

Work is the key word here. One hundred percent commitment to yourself is required …… as a Life Coach I only work with people who are fully committed to the process.

All life is about balance. Aristotle said “It is best to rise from life as from a banquet, neither thirsty nor drunken”. This is the essence of my life coaching.

What is life coaching not...?

Life Coaching is not to be confused with emotional and psychological counselling services.